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Precautions for latex paint production technology when high temperatures are approaching

Precautions for latex paint production technology when high temperatures are approaching:

1. Appropriately increase the dosage of preservatives by 0.5 to 1 kilogram (high temperature, fast bacterial reproduction, reducing bacterial degradation of cellulose).

2. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the production environment, especially the handling of returns and semi-finished products, to prevent cross infection of bacteria.

3. Increase the amount of low mesh powder (such as replacing the 2000 mesh heavy calcium portion with 1250 mesh or even 800 mesh heavy calcium) to slow down the drying speed and increase the coating area.

4. Use low viscosity cellulose to thicken and reduce the amount of associative and alkali swelling thickeners, thereby enhancing the water retention function of latex paint and increasing the coating area.

5. Properly reduce the amount of titanium dioxide (the drying speed is fast in summer, and the dry covering power will appear quickly, and the wet covering power will not be very concerned), reduce the value of titanium dioxide and add the same amount to the amount of ethylene glycol, so that the drying speed of latex paint can be slowed down, and the painting area can be increased.

6. Moderately reduce the powder content of latex paint (preferably around 480 kilograms per ton for engineering paint).


7. Adjust the exterior wall to a dark color, and try to increase the titanium content of the base material as much as possible while allowing for cost, so as to increase the color concentration of the paint (with strong coloring ability) and avoid adverse effects such as sticking, knot marks, and roller marks.

8. In summer, the viscosity can be increased by about 2000.

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