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How to avoid the peculiar smell of latex paint in high temperature season

In high temperature seasons, in order to avoid the odor of latex paint and increase its storage time, it is necessary to pay attention to the following operating precautions:

1. Please handle returns centrally and do not add them to newly made products to avoid bacterial contamination during returns.

2. Keep the workshop dry and strictly prohibit accumulation of water and sewage. Wash cylinder brushes, scrapers, and shovels should be placed in a dry and clean place to prevent bacterial growth from entering the production tank.

3. All anti-corrosion and bactericidal agents are moved to the paint mixing stage and added to prevent the decomposition and failure of the bactericidal agent during high-speed and high-temperature dispersion.

4. Semi finished products and products to be packaged in the workshop should be covered with a 20% concentration of preservative aqueous solution on their surface to isolate them from the air and prevent bacterial invasion.

5. It is strictly prohibited to use overnight water retained in the production tank.

6. Manufacturers who use storage tanks for transit packaging should pay special attention to the anti-corrosion of emulsion paint inside the tanks.


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